We Live in a Broken World. Things are not as they should be. They are not as God Designed. God’s Design was perfect and good. In God’s Design we had right relationship with God, and we knew His perfect peace and joy. But we departed from God’s Design through sin. Sin is when we don’t follow God’s commandment and ways. Sin is when God’s doesn’t factor into our lives the way He should. Sin takes us away from God’s Design and into Brokenness. Many try to fix and escape the brokenness in various ways: hoping their good outweighs their bad, being charitable, self-help, etc. But the only thing that can rescue us from brokenness is Jesus. Gospel means Good News, and Jesus tells us the best news ever, that God loves us and has made a way for us to escape sin’s power and penalty. Jesus Christ did what we could not do for ourselves. He satisfies the debt of our sin by giving His life in our place. Jesus was perfect; He was without sin and completely righteous. And when we repent and believe in this Gospel, Jesus’ righteousness, which is right standing with God, is given to us. When we turn from sin and self and submit to Jesus as Lord, His death covers our sin, and we are completely forgiven. We are free from sin’s power and penalty and we are able to start recovering and pursuing God’s Design. We can be restored to God and grow in a relationship with Him, filled with His perfect peace and joy. One day, we will escape death’s curse and we will dwell with Him forever. If we want this salvation, then we must acknowledge and confess our sin. We must turn from our sin and give ourselves completely to Jesus. We must live for Him and share Him with others.

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Baptism is an important step for those that repent and believe in Jesus. Some people believe that baptism is magical, that simply getting baptized saves someone from sin and its penalty. Some people believe that the water washes away their sin, but this is not the case. Only repenting of sin and trusting in Jesus as Lord saves us from our sin, and baptism is something we do to show others that we have done that. Baptism is a public profession of our faith, and baptism represents what repentance and faith is. Going under the water represents burial, turning away from sinful living, and rising out of the water represents new life, committed to follow Jesus. So, although baptism doesn’t save you; it is something that saved people do to show others that they have committed their lives to Jesus.

If you want to be baptized, please contact us using the form below or on contact page.

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