Alton High Student Parking

We provide parking for Sophomores and a limited number of JR and SR students. Parking is only in assigned and permitted spaces; all others are subject to penalty.

To obtain a parking permit, you must register with the church office either before or after school. No registrations will be taken during school hours (8:45-3:15), unless accompanied by a parent.

Please fill out this form and bring it with your current student ID, driver’s license, and auto insurance card. If approved, you will receive a permit for one of our assigned spaces.

All permitted students must park in their assigned space, all other parking will be subject to penalty.

In the event that someone is parked in your parking spot:
▪ Write down the license plate number of the vehicle that is in your spot.
▪ Park your vehicle in one of the lettered spots at the far end of the parking lot, closest to AHS.
▪ Email the license plate information of the vehicle in your assigned spot and your parking permit number to Pastor Alex at

Parking enforced by Bower’s Towing and Repair at vehicle owner’s expense: 6204 Godfrey Road, 618-466-5367

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