You Belong with the Family at Heartland

take your next step in GATHER. GROW. GO

resources to help you GROW in your faith

GROW: A guide to help you get in the Word and grow in your faith

Devotionals: Reading Plans to keep you on track

Study Tools: resources to help you understand context, key words/phrases, background information, and more.

Bible Translations: We recommend the English Standard Version





Grow Together in Heartland’s Small Groups

you can use this link to fill in online form to sign up for a small group.

  • Kid’s: babies, PreK, K-2nd grade, 3-5 grade
  • Youth: 6-12th grade
  • Young Adults & More: college, working adults, young parents
  • Median Adults: co-ed working adults, retired adults
  • Heartland Riders: co-ed working adults, retired adults, motorcycle and auto enthusiast
  • Adult Co-Ed Class: retired adults and senior adults
  • Worthwhile Class: senior adult co-ed
  • Mature Men: senior adult men
  • Mature Women: senior adult women

Jesus in Every Heart and Every Home