We are Heartland Baptist Church

Great Worship

“Our goal is to worship God through music and word, with hopes and prayers for reaching all generations.”

– Worship Leader Steven Trask

Biblical Teaching

“In our ever changing cultural, Heartland intentionally focuses on discipleship and building families. Our intention is to lead people to maturity in Christ through Christian disciplines and generational unity. Our strength is in the scriptures and obediently living out our faith outside the walls. We seek to make Jesus known in our community by engaging our culture.”

– Pastor Jim Grant

Find Purpose

“We believe that everyone has a purpose, a calling to make a difference in the world. At Heartland, you will find more than just a great worship service, you will find opportunities to discover and grow in your purpose.”

– Pastor John Collins

Family Focus

We believe Church is the primary equipper of parents, and parents are the primary disciples in the home. This is why we utilize D6 curriculum, which is designed to focus the entire family on God’s Word.

Jesus in Every Heart and Every Home